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  • Spuiterij Janssen BV
  • Spuiterij Janssen BV
  • Spuiterij Janssen BV
  • Spuiterij Janssen BV
  • Spuiterij Janssen BV
  • Spuiterij Janssen BV

Welcome to Spuiterij Janssen

Spuiterij Janssen B.V. specialises in the chemical pre-treatment of metals and the application of wet coatings and powder coatings on metals and plastics.
We focus primarily on practical, mass-produced products, which are used in industry.
In order to guarantee a high level of quality and ensure a proper bond, we use the latest techniques and technologies.

Since its establishment in 1961, the building of long-term stable relationships with customers has been key. This has been brought about through the supply of excellent quality products. This quality is reflected not only in professional products, speed of delivery and pricing, but also in providing additional services, such as the possibility of having your products printed or, for example, support and cooperation in the fields of product and/or process innovation.

Environmental issues and concern for working conditions are also part and parcel of the corporate policy of Janssen B.V. Thus, we make use of environmentally friendly paints and powders that are recovered, leading to a higher consumptive efficiency.

Our highly trained staff combined with our extensive experience in handling an extremely wide range of products, allows us to concentrate on the requirements of our (future) customers.


Janssen B.V. possesses not only the knowledge and skills, but also, more importantly perhaps, the desire to work side by side with you on your specific solution. Valuable products require a technologically and economically sound surface treatment. The result is a large number of lasting relations.

A number of industries that already use the surface treatment methods of Janssen B.V. are, for example, the
  • Furniture industry
  • Machine building industry
  • Plastic products industry
  • Aircraft industry
  • Plate manufacturing industry
  • Manufacturers of medical equipment
Spuiterij Janssen

Spuiterij Janssen B.V.

Loonseweg 12
5527 AC Hapert
The Netherlands

Telephone +31 (0) 497-381766 Fax +31 (0) 497-386292 Email info@spuiterij-janssen.nl