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In addition to the abovementioned surface treatments, we can provide a number of additional treatments / services. Such as, for example:


We can provide your products with silk-screen printing, tampon printing or special printing. We can also handle any design work as well as produce films.

Optimal logistics support:

Janssen B.V. offers a complete transportation and storage service package. We have 1,200 m2 of climate controlled storage space and a large network of carriers. If necessary, we provide transportation to and from our customers. We are also able to equip packages with special codes so they can be delivered directly to third parties.


It might happen that you are unable to attain the desired (colour) effect with the existing powders and coats. We therefore offer you the opportunity to develop a paint that does meet your requirements together with us.

Packaging options:

The coated products are carefully packaged. Often this will be for protection during transportation. It is also possible to pack your products in containers according to your own specifications.

Coating of samples:

It is possible to have your samples coated to get an impression of what a particular finish will look like.


Simple assembly options are also available from Janssen B.V. This will save you on logistics, as well as keep responsibilities under one roof.


In order to smooth surfaces we can provide your product with a filler layer.

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